• Breaking Records and Hearts: Inside Hakeem Prime's Smash Hit 'Love Rants'

    Together again? Hakeem Prime alongside co-star Tasha Murphy

    Hakeem Prime as a independent act. His growth is really something to appreciate coming out of the mean streets of Oakland, CA to then be raise in the fast left of ATL, GA. It’s hard to find a song we don’t like by him. Songs like Try it Again, Slip Up & Trill Sandwitch took his career to heights that most independent artist don’t get to go. Now reach over 300K listener a month via Apple Music alone. His new Release Love Rants sits with well over 1.2M streams on platforms. Now however he’s looking at a free fall. he just posted on Twitter about meeting one of his idols the talented nick cannon and people were not supportive at all. Leaving one of his family members to spread the message and tell Mr. cannon sometimes there self.

    Boise Native Hakeem Prime has been making waves in the music industry for a while as an independent artist, and his latest release "Love Rants" is proof that he's here to stay. With over 1 million streams on platforms and 500K streams in its first week alone, "Love Rants" is a testament to Hakeem's talent and dedication to his craft. The music video for "Love Rants" is a continuation of Hakeem's powerful visual storytelling, following his previous music videos for "Imma Let You Go" and "Rather Die."

    The music video for "Love Rants" tells a story of finding new love and new beginnings, as Hakeem takes us on a journey through the ups and downs of a budding romance. From the excitement of first dates to the challenges of navigating a new relationship, "Love Rants" captures the raw emotions and vulnerability that come with falling in love.

    Hakeem's powerful lyrics and soulful vocals are complemented by stunning visuals that bring the story to life. With each frame, we see the highs and lows of a relationship, from the moments of pure joy to the heart-wrenching struggles that come with opening yourself up to someone new.

    Despite the challenges, "Love Rants" reminds us that sometimes love is worth fighting for, and that new beginnings can be the start of something beautiful. With his talent and passion for music, Hakeem Prime is sure to continue making waves in the industry, and "Love Rants" is just the beginning of what promises to be an incredible career.

    So come along for the ride and experience the power of new love with Hakeem Prime's "Love Rants" music video.  Be sure to follow his co-star Actress: IG https://instagram.com/_bentleyyy14


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