Hakeem Prime Releases 'Imma Let You Go Music Video' Via Boise Weekly Featuring Exciting Local Artist

 Hakeem Prime Releases ‘Imma Let You Go’ Music Video Via Boise Weekly Featuring Local Artist

Today is May 14th its been two days since Hakeem Prime’s release of his music video with 4K Subscribers it looks like hes gotten a lil over 2.5K Views and 68 comments. the support for him is always on the rise as he continues to show his value in the industry. Hakeem not only did this music video in the NW but in a place hes been active in for a long while now. The Video was shoot by Local Film Maker John Fritz & Zabb Wolfie both are great cinemantograpers with there own set of fans but more over the women in the project are local Artist themselves

Tasha Murphy AKA Benevolence Is a Singer song writer from the treasure valley.

Listen Below:

Next is Zerah Smith who is in a group with her twin sister called BROKENDRMRS 

Listen Below:

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