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Thursday, April 22, 2021

NEW MIXTAPE: Hakeem Prime - DeTOUR (Datpiff)
The Purple Snake Era | Music 💜🎤

 NEW MIXTAPE: Hakeem Prime - DeTOUR (Datpiff)

Behind Hakeem Prime's "DeTOUR"
A well known underground artist in a troubled place.

        As hakeem progresses in his career there are things in his life that have steered him away from trusting people. The creative grew up in the hard streets of oakland, california only to be moved to the fast moving ATL. after leaps and bounds to his career. He now has a family of his own. Life is what you make it and the people around you can make or break you. Hakeem finds himself in between the grasp of judgement and hate well painting the lovely picture of family and trust. Hakeem Prime returns with his 4th Official Mixtape "DéTour" Hakeem added some trap elements with his style and being that Atlanta is where he crafted his skills. He was able to bring a Unique flavor to this project. This tape blurs the lines of trap, cloud rap, and pop. Features the likes of top producers like Pi’erre Bourne, The Mekanics, Ben Jayne, Cash Money AP & more.

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