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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Hakeem Prime gets overwhelming numbers ran up by fans on Datpiff (Update)
The Purple Snake Era | Music 💜🎤

Hakeem Prime gets overwhelming numbers ran up by fans on datpiff 

Hakeem Prime formally known as Hyphy Da Spider is back on his grind! He released his first official mixtape in years. In it he shows fans what he’s been working hard on. Since being locked up mid October of 2019. Upon his release in January 2021. He’s talked about losing fans and gaining trust for his craft. However we see some never left. Prime put out his mixtape entitled “DeTOUR” which was going to be the title of his Now dismantled TOUR although because of Covid-19 It was cancelled a month before it actually started.

Hakeem Prime “DeTOUR”

Go check out the mixtape for yourself tell us what you think and find more music here on ThePurpleSnakeEra

DeTOUR (Mixtape) ~

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