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Friday, December 23, 2022

NEW SINGLE: Tylrenzo - Twerkasour (Feat. Hakeem Prime)

 Eagle, ID | NEW SINGLE: Tylrenzo - Twerkasour (Feat. Hakeem Prime)

Ty & Hakeem Prime are back again with another song this time a track inspired by there upbringing. Twerkasour my be something you may think has bee talked about before. Not to be confused with Twerkulator by City Girls. Its actully a play on Pokemon the hit cartoon of the 90's and there many different creatures, that withstanded the test of time.  "Now days ladies are twerking like there pokemon" Hakeem Prime said in a now deleted tweet. Twerkasour fits right in with a work out routine and gets you in the mood to burn some time off to your self

Listen to the full song below: do you know any artist this track has a open spot share this so they can get free promo


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