Jacquees : Live In Boise with Tiktok sensation Hakeem Prime Feb 20th By: D2R

"You told em imma let you go! Now come and be free with me and @jacquees Feb 20th @knitboise" - Hakeem writes on instagram announcing his show debut. 

The beloved song Imma let you go has done crazy numbers. It went from 120K first week, to 910K by the 3rd month. We see growth in primes future. In the past few days hes released three new songs expanding on his catalog and reaching fans with his transparency. 

In ' Hakeem Prime - They Don't Know ' he says "They said I ain't never doing nothing right" talking about the tiktok backlash amongst the hate. People always have an option that he aiming to change. In  ' Hakeem Prime - Rather Die ' he talks about how he's so tapped in its automatic. Given that he didn't even put out imma let you go himself actually make this one true as well. Listen Below.

Knitting Factory Boise Made it official last night!

Tickets Go On Sale Today! 


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