• Hakeem Prime - Imma Let You Go Gets Removed from streaming platforms after Tiktok controversy

    Hakeem Prime - Imma Let You Go Gets Removed from streaming platforms after Tiktok controversy


    Today is Dec. 14th 2021 Officially the end of the year. Hakeem Prime had a great year! Reminding us that Self Love is the best lover! With all the red flags going on social media through out September & October. 




    We thought we found some in this whole Imma Let You Go viral audio. It seems to be a James Bay - Let it go inspired song that has red flag fanatics' going hard. With it being so close in style, we though it couldn't be put up on youtube or soundcloud. Although it has. Gaining over 150K its first 2 weeks. Fans every where are reposting hakeem's message. Although another artist wanted to jump in the mix trying to claim the song hakeem had made for himself

    This is Hakeem's 3rd official single release ever. Since the release of his first official Mixtape 'DeTOUR'. The mixtape has now reached over 33K streams & 12K downloads as of today. He seems to have a cult following that has continuously made it clear that he is here to stay.  

    Hakeem is very active on social media and has even made a dance to the song. which you can find below



    Let’s get this challenge started @maya.zylia & @that_bitch_whitney I challenge ##immaletyougo ##letyougo ##hakeemprime ##fyp ##duet ##challegetiktok

    ♬ Imma Let You Go - Hakeem Prime

    However after its release to streaming platform artist mj 5ou1 has been claiming hakeem stole his lyrics and never gave him credit for the release. although as we do some research on the song and their relationship online it does appear Prime did at least give him credit even as far as september 2021 on its release. of course we all know how some songwriters are not even paid at times or worst. so what is the true story behind this? seems like alot of bickering back and forth only time will tell.

    Listen to the release here:

    from December 14, 2021 at 05:17PM
    via TPSE

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