DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Bailey Parker – “Unified Gemini”

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Bailey Parker – “Unified Gemini” https://ift.tt/3GNqpKf

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Bailey Parker and his brand new album titled Unified Gemini.

Hailing from Kansas City, Bailey Parker is a multi-instrumentalist who started out by teaching himself the guitar. He quickly discovered his passion for writing and singing. It wasn’t long before he perfected his craft: powerful lead vocals, catchy flows, original beats, unique collaborations, and exciting performances.

Unified Gemini is a testament to Bailey Parker’s versatility. Ranging from ballads to dance tracks, the album is infused with pop, hip-hop, and rap influences to create something that is uniquely stand-out. Inspired by an underlying theme of duality and the struggle of dark and light that individuals face internally, Unified Gemini is a statement of bringing these two forces together to create the best version of one’s self.

Listen below:

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