DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Swt Valli Hi – “Telescope”

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Swt Valli Hi – “Telescope” https://ift.tt/3AiC8Nf

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Swt Valli Hi and her brand new single titled “Telescope”.

Described as a ‘designer for sound’, Set Valli Hi (SVH)’s music is a harmonious mix between soul and wild funk with a classic rock ‘n’ roll attitude. On ‘Telescope’, SVH switches up the vibe with more introspective lyrical themes and sultry vocals. Consistently showcasing the intimacy of her voice seamlessly with her raw and authentic lyrics and prowess as a compelling storyteller, she has the ability to instantly captivate her listeners.

Speaking of the track, SVH says, “This track is about rising above the haters, staying focused and truly knowing your worth.”

Formally signed to Warner Music by the Chairman & CEO Cameron Strang, Swt Valli Hi parted ways to start an indie imprint at the top of 2018 called ‘EIGHTEEN’. Since the release of her noteworthy singles “In Time”, “Needy” and “Threats” in 2019, SVH is constantly raising the bar with her music.

 “The best thing about being independent is having control over what you’re working on, who you’re working with and when you can give it to the world. I can’t stand politics, manipulation and greedy people jerking me and other artists around – it’s disheartening and tiresome. Let’s live, love and create,” says SVH.

Growing up with her time split between Southern California and summers in Lagos, Nigeria – Swt Valli Hi was raised by a single father who helped develop her global view on life and taste of music, which would inadvertently shape her sound. Inspired by the likes of Donna Summer, Sade, Portishead, Queen Bey, Fela Kuti, Tame Impala, Ye, Cuddi and The Black Keys the SVH sound – is an all-encompassing, non-limiting musical embodiment of what’s new, what’s old, and what’s timeless.

Drawing from her combined influences, SVH thrives on being able to experiment with her music, totally owning her own brand of gutsy, bold experimental R&B.

Listen and watch below:

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