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In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Albi X and his brand new single titled “BIBAMBA”.

Be prepared to be blown away by the new hype man of 2021. Intoxicating and energetic,Albi X is set to tear down boundaries and break conventions on his new single “Bibamba”, out now on all streaming platforms.

As an Afro-German artist with Congolese roots, Albi X’s music is contagiously energetic, effortlessly blending high energy hip-hop beats with a lyrical language fusion of Lingala, French and English for a truly international sound.

Bibamba is accompanied by an intensely hypnotising and exhilarating music video, which features Albi X and a troupe of dancers.

“In my latest single I want to pay homage to the Congolese classic “Coupé Bi Bamba” by Awilo Logonba which was released in 1998. I wrote this song during a time where I was questioning myself and found my inner strength again, so the song is about personal strength and also how it is received by others.  On the track, I wanted to represent an interesting person with Bibamba, about whom everyone wants to learn something, because they all want to be like him. This represents my main goal, to inspire people to reach for higher grounds and be the best version of themselves. The song means a lot to me, I also want to show solidarity and respect to the “King of the Congel Rumba”, Papa Wemba, who was lost in 2016.”

Listen below:

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