DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Parhys – “Speechless”

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In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Parhys and her brand new single titled “Speechless”.

Rising artist Parhys is emerging into the London music scene with a blaze. Her music breathes the classic virtues of traditional R&B, blended with current soul and her own artistic vision of sensual and spiritual uniqueness.

Having deep roots in the arts, Parhys began performing in childhood, attending the prestigious Barbara Speake Stage School in West London (alumni of Naomi Campbell and Phil Collins). Having her skills nurtured and igniting the fire of passion for creativity inside her, Parhys was able to achieve great success, from a role in Eastenders to the groundbreaking feature of being the first black girl to take the role of Young Nala, in the West End’s ‘The Lion King’ in Barbara Speake Stage School.

To this day, Parhys still strives to pioneer and be a voice for women of colour, her music being a celebration  of female sexuality and the divine blessings of femininity that have been overshadowed by a male led industry. Parhys makes music to empower herself and all women to embrace the beauty of sex, discarding the narrative that women should be discouraged from being sexual beings. With family ties to Brooklyn and Queens, New York, Parhys’ inspiration stems from the authentic culture of R&B where she spent her early years of her childhood, and her biggest inspirations are H-Town, Aaliyah, Joe and Brandy to name a few. ‘Love yourself no matter what you look like, Love comes from within, your exterior is a mer image of what you want people to see.

Listen to “Speechless” below:

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