DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Ztilo – “Missing You”

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In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Ztilo and his brand new single titled “Missing You”.

In 2021, Ztilo will release an undeniable deluge of new material, all of which showcases his maturation and confidence while never losing sight of the raw passion and bravado that has always been present. Perhaps most remarkable is the range displayed from one song to the next, and certainly compared against his early work. Tracks like Backseat Love” and “No Disrespect” will quickly find a home in anyone’s club mix or “living my best life” playlist, while “Better Than Me” and “I Got You” display a more vulnerable, emotive side that could only be reached through years of evolution, both personally and artistically.

Speaking on what he strives for in his music, Ztilo says it best, “I feel like I combine soul with new school sounds. I want my audience to feel something. Whether it is sadness, happiness, lust, love, humor, confidence. A song without feeling is not impactful, and I strive to be relatable. I want the audience to feel what I felt when I was writing it and share my music as the soundtracks to moments in our lives.”

Listen below:

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