DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Dominique Gorley – “Fearless”

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In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Dominique Gorley and her brand new single titled “Fearless”.

Jazz infused, Contemporary R&B songstress Dominique Gorley is fresh off the
release of her five track EP Fearless. Bringing light to the title track and lead single from the project, she sets out to introduce her audience to the poignant music video component that highlights the involvement of her inner fan base.

Containing all trademarks of a passion fueled anthem, the infectious grooves that simmer in nostalgic R&B hues now have a filmic component for her audience to feast upon. Filmed at the two main locations of Down to the Wire Studios and the Rideau Canal, the powerful scenes are visited by a choreographed dance number that effortlessly flows to the ambience produced by the opulent guitar chords and soothing production components executed by Dominique Gorley, courtesy of Sheena Rogers.

Instilling a sense of community while adhering to the COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario, Dominique Gorley reached out to her friends, family, and fans to showcase a total of 38 signs in the featured presentation that state why each person is in fact fearless. Reiterating a sense of belonging and strength, Dominique Gorley states, ‘The visual and sonic pairing is a reminder to be fearless in times of weakness.’

Earlier this year, her audience was given a taste of the sonic radiance in “Fearless,” which includes the
multifaceted Sean Duhaime on guitar, as well as production elements of the beat crafted by Ottawa bass player and session musician, Caylan Penny. Enlisting the song writing techniques of Ottawa based songwriter, Curtis Gero, the dynamic duo co-wrote the prevailing message embodied in the lyrics of, “Fearless.”

While focusing on creating a wide-range of melodies that are more felt than heard, Dominique Gorley’s
undeniable talent and euphonious resonance remain top tier. This up and coming artist isn’t afraid to taste what the industry has in store for her as she continues to establish her name.

Watch the visuals below:

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